Industrial Controls 

ECC's experience includes industrial quality motor controls to control motor sizes from fractional horsepower, single phase to large three phase units. Custom systems employing industrial computers, PLC's, VFD's, and Soft Starters have been provided for both the US and the European markets.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Experience with Automation Direct DL05, DL06 etc., Allen-Bradley, Gould( Modicon ), Square D, Westinghouse, and others.

Custom Control System Examples:

High speed material handling system designed to sort boxes for loading onto trucks in such a way that boxes to be delivered at each stop on route were in order of delivery i.e. for each stop, the boxes closest to the door were for that stop. Eight conveyors routed boxes from warehouse to merge into one conveyor. The sorting and control was accomplished using an industrial computer, eight overhead laser barcode scanners, and eight short sections of brake belt conveyors. Data from scanners to computer were compared to a master order for truck to determine run sequence of brake belts.

Material handling system designed to move parts from stockroom to different locations in factory for assembly. Work orders pulled in stockroom were placed in totes. Totes were placed on conveyor with barcode for work order visible for overhead scanners. An industrial computer was used to route the totes through a maze of conveyors to destination.

Motor control panels were designed and built by ECC to control customer's printed circuit board assembly line conveyors, rotators, elevators, buffers, and work stations. Systems control delivery of circuit boards to every process point from bare circuit board to finished product.

ECC has designed and built controls for customer's water/wastewater systems. Control decisions are made by computer based on vital inputs from water quality monitors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, current and voltage sensors, UV light sensors, and level sensors. Controls include both fresh water and salt water( Reverse Osmosis) designs.

Controls were designed and manufactured by ECC for customer's aerobic wastewater processing and recycling system. 

Remote monitoring and control equipment with different options for feedback/control. Options included:
Landline and wireless modems with voice synthesized reporting from remote unit. Remote device designed to accept DTMF commands from standard touch tone phone. Other options provide for reporting status VIA internet, and two way pager technology.


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