Products designed by ECC

1.   Point of Sale Terminal with communications interface. 

2.   Programmable Controller for commercial washing machines. 

3.   Pay telephone Message Controller. 

4.   Telemarketing System auto dial and call progress monitoring
       for 40 phone lines. 

5.   Programmable water sprinkler controllers 10 products total.  Photo

6.   Slide projector dissolve for multimedia presentations. 

7.   Slide projector synchronizer. 

8.   Hand held terminal. 

9.   Industrial computer with multi axis stepper motor control.  Photo

10. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for standalone and
       networked applications. Included a PC ladder logic program for
       programming the PLC. 

11. Programmable Stepper Motor control for standalone and
       networked applications. Included menu driven PC program for
       programming stepper control. 

12. Magnetic card reader circuits. 

13. Dot matrix printer control circuits. 

14. Caller identification system that matched received phone number
       with database  number to keep phone from ringing, or to send
       signals to recorder only, or allow phone to ring depending on
       database flags. 

15. Vehicle tracking system - interfaced GPS with cell phone. 

16. Beverage dispensing system with online inventory control. 

17. Various controls for AT&T power systems. 

18. Infrared Remote controls. 

19. Muscle stimulator for medical applications.  Photo

20. Computerized ceiling fan control. 

21. Computerized fishing reel. 

22. Fish locator (sonar). 

23. Control to monitor pH levels in water. 

24. Dissolved oxygen monitor. 

25. Automotive cruise control. 

26. Wireless communications module. 

27. Controls for large water purification systems - fresh water &
       Reverse Osmosis. SI

28. Programmable thermostat for HVAC control.  Photo

29. Conductivity/TDS monitor for water quality control.

30. Jack Plate control for positioning outboard motors.

31. Multi-channel communications processor for cellular system.  Photo

32. Automatic food cooker. FufuPhoto

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