The type of software used for any development is dictated by the nature of the product/system, or the customer's requirements. Most often, assembly language is used for small memory microcontrollers, and "C" is used for larger memory units. Visual Basic or Visual C++ is used for PC programming. 

Assembly language programming for all microcontrollers listed.
C/C++ & VC++.
Basic & Visual Basic VB6.
Ladder Logic for PLC's.

E-Commerce Solutions.
JavaScript, HTML, Netscape Composer, and Microsoft FrontPage are used in creating web sites.

Business Solutions.
Access and Visual Basic used for database designs. VB6 and VC++ programs used to collect process data from PLC's and scanners VIA serial port. Data is sent to Excell spread sheets or to SCADA type systems. VBA used to overcome limitations of Office programs.


ECC has experience with communications interfaces and protocol development. Many of the products designed by ECC included communications hardware and protocols for networking. All systems developed have had one or more means of communicating with other systems.

Example: Product numbers 1, 15, and 16 had modem interfaces. Product numbers 5, 9, 10, 11, and 16 had RS485 networks. Number 16 linked multiple units VIA RS485 to a PC for complete inventory control and accounting. Number 10 linked multiple units VIA RS485 to a PC in a master/slave configuration with the PC serving as the master. It could also operate in a Small Area Network with one of the units acting as master controller. 

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Analog Circuits
Digital Circuits

Modems, RS232,
RS422, RS485, 
Wireless Links-
GPS, Cellular, &
Two Way Pagers

Modbus, ASCII & RTU

Assembly, C/C++,
Basic, VB6, VC++,  HTML,
Ladder Logic, &
Business Solutions:

Industrial Controls:

PLC's, VFD's, & Motor Softstarters
Motor Control Panels
Bar Code Readers
Pump & Flow Control
Water Quality Control
Process Controls:

Test Equipment:
IEE488, VoIP

Remote Monitoring:


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