Test Equipment for Factory Automation.

Custom Test Equipment Examples:

Equipment was developed to fill different sizes of compressors with oil and perform a QC verification. Compressors were brought in VIA overhead conveyor and placed on built in electronic scales. The equipment weighed the compressor empty. It then controlled filling of the compressor with oil to an accuracy of +/- 0.1 ounce using two inline flow sensors. The compressor was again weighed, and the amount of oil was computed based on weight. If the two flow sensors and the computed amount agreed, the unit was accepted.

Equipment was developed to automatically test customer's irrigation controllers. The equipment accepted commands from an operator interface( PC ). It then, based on model number, tested the operational features of the unit and up to thirty station outputs. Test results were saved in a database, and a complete report was printed to accompany the unit.   
Equipment was developed to test the performance of compressors i.e. pressure, power, and vibration. A UL required high voltage test was also performed.

Several circuit board testers have been developed to automate production line testing.


A rack mount drawer system was designed and built by ECC for the purpose of testing voice over the internet( VoIP). Sixty-six units were included in the test. The units provided computer control of all phone functions in order to eliminate human error, and to accelerate the testing process. See Photo.

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